VIOGENE- RNA Extraction

Total RNA Extraction Maxiprep System

Cat No.: GRM1002
Package: 24 preps
List Price: $824.94

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Product Information


The system uses reagents quickly permeating the biological samples and thus simplifies total RNA extraction in combination of the stringency of guanidine-thiocyanate lysis and silica-gel-membrane purification. This system has no need of phenol/chloroform extraction and centrifugation with CsCl gradients or precipitation with LiCl or ethanol.

Downstream Applications

RNA purified by Viogene Total RNA Extraction System has A260/A280 ratio of 1.9~2.1, and is ideal for all applications including:

  • Northern, dot and slot blotting
  • RT-PCR / Quantitative real-time PCR
  • Poly A+ RNA selection
  • cDNA Synthesis/ Primer extension
  • Array analysis
  • In vitro translation

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