VIOGENE- RNA Extraction

Viral RNA Extraction Magnetic-bead System

Cat No.: GVRMB1002
Package: 4 x 96 preps
List Price: $1,153.60

  • High throughput Magentic-bead based viral RNA extraction for Covid-19.
  • Magentic-beads and buffers compatible with most of automatic systems.
  • Very high magnetic-beads binding & yield of Covid-19 RNA for sensitive RT-qPCR testing.
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Product Information

The Viral RNA Extraction Magnetic-bead System is designed for high-throughput purification of biological fluids containing RNA virus including swab liquid sample, saliva, serum, plasma, body fluids, and cell culture supernatant. 

The system features a magnetic beads based buffer system which is compatible with most of automatic systems for efficient nucleic acid isolation. Small (100 nt) and large (100 nt) RNA are bound to magnetic beads, washed and eluted into 50-100 ul RNAse free water.

The isolated high-quality viral RNA are ready for all downstream applications such as RT/qPCR detection.

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