VIOGENE- VioSpec 3D Cell Culture

VioSpec 24-well 3D Cell Culture System

Cat No.: V3D24-01
Package: VioSpec 24-well cell culture plate * 10 plates
List Price: $385.00

  • Semi-Transparent and Fine (50 ┬Ám Thickness) Matrix Scaffold Allows Cells to Attach and Observed Under Microscopes
  • Nonbiological Material of The Matrix Scaffold, Does Not Interference Cell Growth
  • Contains Two Layers of Matrix Scaffold in Each Well, Allows Growing of Two Different Cell Types Together
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Product Information

Historically, 2D cell culture has been the preferred method to grow cells in vitro, however, the 2D system often mono-cultures consisting of only one cell type, lack structural similarity of in vivo environment with only limited surface exposed to tissue culture medium. Viogene's VioSpec 3D cell culture system consists a patent pending 3D matrix which provides easy-to-use 3D cell culture model for in-depth cell culture research. 

VioSpec 3D cell culture system specification:

The semi transparent and proper thickness of the matrix scaffold facilitates 3D cell morphology and behavior to be observed under microscopic imaging in situ.

An easy-to-handle hook on the matrix and sterile well plate formats allow manual handling and standard liquid handling robotics equipment.

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