VIOGENE- 96 DNA/RNA Extraction

96 wells Single Cell miTotalTM RNA Extraction System

Cat No.: SCVTR961001
Package: 96 plates x 4
List Price: $1,152.94

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Product Information


Viogene Single cell miTotalTM RNA Extraction Miniprep System provides a fast method to purify total RNA of a single cell from various samples such as cells from culture or blood buffy coat. A simple spin-column based method can isolate large RNAs, siRNAs and microRNAs without the time-consuming procedure of phenol/chloroform extraction and ethanol precipitation, the highly purified total RNA can be used for quantitative detection of RNA level using quantitative method, such as qPCR, digital PCR or microarray.

Downstream Applications

  • cDNA synthesis
  • Manual or automated sequencing, including radioactive and fluorescent sequencing
  • RT-PCR, qPCR and digital PCR applications
  • NGS
  • Genome Editing

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