VIOGENE- Plasmid DNA Extraction

Endotoxin-Free Utrapure Plasmid Extraction Midiprep System

Cat No.: GDN1001
Package: 25 preps
List Price: $403.00

  • Ion-exchange based columns for rapid and simple extraction
  • Reproducible yield of up to 100 µg of endotoxin free plasmid DNA
  • No toxic reagent such as ethidium bromide, phenol/chloroform, CsCl involved
  • Effective endotoxin removal reagent
  • Endotoxin level less than 0.1 EU/µg DNA in the final DNA product
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Product Information


Endotoxin-Free Utrapure Plasmid Extraction Midiprep System is composed of macroporous silica–based ion-exchange resin with a high density of diethylaminoethyl (DEAE) group, purification is based on the interaction between negatively charged phosphates of nucleic acids and positively charged DEAE groups on the surface of the resin, which could efficiently exclude all impurity during the binding-washing-elution process, and yield ultrapure plasmid DNA. 

Our innovative endotoxin-removal reagent, E2 reagent, can effectively remove lipopolysaccharides from bacterial cell lysates by phase partition without chilling step. Simply add the E2 reagent into the clear cell lysate, and the lipopolysaccharide contaminants can be removed with the flow-through.  By testing with the endotoxin LAL test kit, the sytem consistently produces endotoxin level less than 0.1 EU/μg DNA of endotoxin free plasmid DNA product.

Downstream Applications

  • Transfection of sensitive cells (mammalian primary/suspension cells)
  • Gene silencing study
  • Microinjection
  • NGS
  • Gene editing

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