VIOGENE- Plasmid DNA Extraction

Mini Plus Plasmid DNA Extraction System

Cat No.: GF2001
Package: 50 preps
List Price: $102.00

  • Simple 20-30 minutes binding-washing-elution protocol
  • Optional for spin or vacuum format
  • No organic solvents (phenol/chloroform) needed
  • Up to 50 µg yield of high purity plasmid DNA
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Product Information


Viogene Mini Plus column contains a unique silica-gel membrane which binds up to 50 µg plasmid DNA in the presence of high concentration of chaotropic salt, and allows elution in a small volume of low salt buffer. Viogene membrane technology eliminates time consuming phenol/chloroform extraction and alcohol precipitation, as well as the problems and inconvenience associated with loose resins and slurries. High purity plasmid DNA eluted from the Mini Plus column is immediately ready to use, no need to precipitate, concentrate, or desalt. The Mini Plus spin columns can be used either in microcentrifuges or on vacuum manifolds.

Downstream Applications

  • Restriction digestion
  • Transfection
  • PCR
  • Automated fluorescent and radioactive sequencing
  • Library screening or large-scale screening
  • NGS
  • Gene editing

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